Performances at Duke's Reynolds Theater

June 3-5, 2022
Tech/Dress at Duke: 


Tuesday May 31st: 

4:30pm Call for All Shook Up (Pre Pro MTR) 

5:00-8:30pm Tech/Dress 


Wednesday June 1st: 

4:00 Call ALL Alice Act 1 dancers 

4:30-7:00 Tech/Space Alice Ballet 1 and 2s  (ALL Act 1)

6:00 Call for Dr. Edwina Jr. Cast 

7:00-8:30 Tech Dr. Edwina Jr. 


Thursday June 2nd: 

4:30 Call for Act 2 Dancers 

5:00-7:00 Spacing for Act 2

7:00-8:00 Soloists STAY


Friday June 3rd: 

4:30 Call for All Conservatory Levels in Alice

5:00 Call for Rest of Alice Cast 

6:00pm Dress Rehearsal for Alice

Estimated end time is 7:30pm. 


Performance Schedule: 




11am - Call all following:

           Jazz 4, 5, 6

           Contemporary 3, 4, 5

           Tap 6, 7 

           Hip Hop 4, 5 

           Junior and Senior Company 

11:30am- Dress Rehearsal/Spacing Run (in costumes)

1pm Warmup

2pm Conservatory Recital 


3:30pm - Call ALL for Alice dancers in ballet 5+

4:00 - Conservatory warmup (Just 30 minutes yoga/centering)

4:00pm- Call for ALL Alice dancers in ballet 1-4

5pm Show:  Alice in Wonderland 


SUNDAY, June 5


11am Call ALL for Alice in Ballet 5+

11:30am Conservatory warmup

12:00pm Call ALL dancers in Alice Ballet 1-4

1pm Show: Alice in Wonderland


3pm Call for Dear Edwina Jr. Cast

3:30 Call for All Shook Up Cast

3:30-4:30 WarmUps and Mics

5pm Show: Dear Edwina Jr/All Shook Up 


**Alice Casting Note**


Act 1 includes:

Traci’s Sat Ballet 1

Traci’s Sat Ballet 2

Megan’s Tues Ballet 1

Megan’s Tues Ballet 2

Emma’s Wed Ballet 1

Megan’s Wed Ballet 2

Marie’s Thur Ballet 1

Megan’s Thur Ballet 2

All soloists


Act 2 includes:

All ballet 3

All ballet 4

All ballet 5

All ballet 6

All ballet 7

All soloists