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Nutcracker 2019 Auditions are Saturday, September 7th


  • Students should attend the session that matches their age as of September 7th (with the exception of conservatory ballet students- they should all attend the last audition regardless of age). 

  • Barriskill students should wear their ballet dress code apparel and hair. If a student is not in a BDTS ballet class, they should wear a solid colored leotard and pink tights with ballet shoes. 

  • ALL Parents should expect to stay at the studio for a Parent Info Session that will last approximately 30 minutes.


Saturday, September 7

11:30am – Check in for 7-8 year olds (Studio 6)

12:00pm -  1:00pm – Audition for 7-8 year olds (Studio 4)

12:00pm – Parent Info Session for 7-8 year olds (Studio 6)


12:30 – Check in for 9-12 year olds (Studio 6)

1:00-2:00pm – Audition for 9-12 year olds (Studio 4)

1:00pm – Parent Info Session for 9-12 year olds (Studio 6)


1:30pm – Check in for 13-18 year olds (Studio 6)

All Conservatory level students should attend this audition regardless of age

2:00-4:00pm – Audition for 13-18 year olds/all conservatory ballet levels (Studio 4)

2:00pm – Parent Info Session for 13-18  year olds (Studio 6)


**All 13-18 year olds / Conservatory level students should be prepared to attend the callback!  Required attendance at callback will be determined during their audition window of 2:00-4:00pm.

4:00-5:00pm -- Callbacks (Studio 4)

Download this form to fill out ahead of time and save time in the Check In line!

Looking for more details on this year's Nutcracker?

Note: If you would like to audition and cannot attend the September 7th audition, please contact us no later than August 28th to arrange another option.

Who can audition?

Any student who is 7 years old at the time of the auditions may try out. We encourage everyone to try out, even just to see what an audition is like! Non-BDTS students ages 7-18 are welcome to audition. There is no audition fee.


When are the auditions, and do I need to prepare anything?

See Audition Form link above. Auditions for the 2019 Nutcracker will be held on Saturday, September 7th. Auditions will be held at the studio. Students should expect to take a group "audition class" in which the choreographers will observe their technique and ettiquette. Students should wear neat hair, dancewear and ballet shoes, and bring pointe shoes if they want to be considered for a part en pointe (only if you already dance en pointe). Auditions will be split into groups by age.

How do you cast the show?

We evaluate students' readiness based on their behavior and maturity as well as their technique. Some parts, especially soloists and demi-soloists, require very specific skills, and a student may not be considered until they have mastered those skills. Students in the Conservatory levels are expected to accept the role they are given, unless a family is unable to fulfill the rehearsal commitment.


What kind of time commitment should I expect?

Nutcracker rehearsals are held every Saturday between auditions and the performance. Sunday rehearsals are added as the performance approaches. Soloist rehearsals are held Friday evenings. (With the exception of Thanksgiving week)


While every cast member won't be called for every rehearsal, it is imperative that parents understand this commitment. Being a part of the show is an enriching, exciting experience, but we understand not all students (and not all parents!) are ready to dedicate every weekend. Especially for our youngest cast members, we appreciate your honest answers to questions on the audition form regarding your availability. We only allow two absences, including any that might be pre-arranged. More absences will be grounds for dismissal from the production.


What does it cost?

Students are charged per-role. There is no additional costume fee. There are discounts for families with more than one child in the show. The Nutcracker fees go to everything from costumes, props and sets, to hiring the professional crew members and designers, to renting the theater.


How can I help?

We always need help from parents with distributing flyers and posters, selling flowers and concessions at the performances, ushering, and other tasks. If you are interested in helping out, or have a skill you think might be applicable, don't hesitate to let us know! 

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