• Megan Ross

February 2020

Happy February!


  • Timesheets for all of February 2020 should be in your mailbox upstairs before Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Recital Costumes:

  • Primary Ballet and Preschool teachers: I have emailed you a document that has the most up to date participation, sizing, and costume status. If you have not already given me sizes or recital confirmation for all of your students please do so asap. Ana is hand making all of these costumes so we want to give her as much time as possible. Unless otherwise discussed I will be ordering a white t-shirt for boys, and Ana is making a matching vest and bow tie. Boys can wear the same bottoms and shoes they wear for class.

  • Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz, Teen Teachers: I have costumes from almost everyone. Please send me sizes as soon as you have them to avoid costumes not getting here in time and to allow for time to make exchanges.

  • Ballet 1 - Pre-Pro 2 Teachers: We will pull up costumes from the basement for your class to try on. Stay tuned!

Recital Music and Props:

  • Everyone: Please send me the song title, artist, version if we need to purchase your song OR the edited song file if you have made cuts yourself. These were due Feb. 1

  • We have to give a list of all props to our team at Duke for approval before recital. Please send me everything you are planning on using in recital that is not your dancers or their costumes.

Recital Schedule:

  • The recital schedule is available on our website here:

  • Please note your class time(s) and plan to be at Reynolds Theatre for all of your students' performances. There will be dress rehearsals the week before recital, rehearsal schedule tba.

Level Placement:

  • Level placement for all genres will be posted on the bulletin board on March 20. Please send me your placement lists as soon as you have them so I can begin compiling the master list.

  • All ballet students level 4+ are invited to take a placement class on March 6 5-6:30pm to be evaluated for Conservatory and Pre-Professional level. All conservatory and pre-professional ballet instructors are invited to observe and offer feedback. Sarah Anne is teaching - thank you!

Social Media Request:

  • Please send me photos and videos from your classes! I would love to have all the genres of classes we offer represented on Instagram and Facebook.

Preschool Workshop:

  • Friday, Feb. 21 12 noon - 2:00pm: Heather Pike will lead a mock preschool dance class followed by a discussion to brainstorm teaching tools, lesson plans, and class structure. All of our faculty are invited and our preschool teachers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Physical Therapy:

Upcoming Faculty Events (email your upcoming events to

  • Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Workshop on April 3 from 8am-6:30pm. Contact Traci at for more information

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