Barriskill Studio Recitals 

May 21 and 22, 2022

All shows will be on a rented stage in the Barriskill parking lot. Please park next door. Students should check in and out through the main entrance door. 

Saturday 5/21 10:00am  

Pre-Ballet 4 Saturday (Caroline)

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap Friday (Caroline) 

Hippity Hop Tuesday (JoAnna)

Primary MTR Wednesday (JoAnna)

Pre-Ballet 3 Monday (Traci) 

Music and Movement (Caroline)

Broadway Babies (JoAnna) 

Creative Movement Thursday (Traci)


Saturday 5/21 12:00pm

Pre-Ballet/Tap Tuesday (JoAnna) 

Primary Ballet Monday (Heather) 

Hip Hop 1 Monday (Jay)

Contemporary 1

Hip Hop 2

Primary Ballet Thursday (Heather) 

Hippity Hop Thursday (Marie)

Pre-Ballet/Jazz (JoAnna) 

MTR 1 Wednesday (JoAnna) 


Saturday 5/21 2:00pm 

Pre-Ballet 3 Mon. (Caroline) 

Pre-Ballet 4 Wednesday (Traci)

Pre-Ballet 5 Saturday (Jess)

Jazz 1 (Traci)

Hippity Hop Saturday (Jess)

Pre-Ballet/Tap Saturday (Jess)

Tap 2 



Sunday 5/22 10:00am

Creative Movement Sat. (Caroline) 

Pre-Ballet 3 Sat. (Caroline) 

Pre-Ballet 4 Thursday (Traci) 

Pre-Ballet 5 Thursday (Caroline)

Dance and Tumble (Caroline) 

Pre-Ballet/Tap Sat. (Emma) 

Tap 3


Sunday 5/22 12:00pm

Contemporary 2

Teen Jazz

Pre-Ballet 5 Tuesday (Traci) 

Teen Contemporary 

Pre-Ballet/Tap Monday (Caroline) 

Teen Ballet 

Hip Hop 1 Wednesday (JoAnna) 

Teen Hip Hop 

Hip Hop 3

Tap 4

Sunday 5/22 2:00pm

Tap 1

MTR 1 Tuesday

Primary Ballet Saturday (Traci) 

Jazz 2

Jazz 3

Pre-Ballet ¾  (Heather) 

Pre-Ballet/Tap Wednesday (Traci) 


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