Summer Classes!

Summer registration now open!

Summer classes are offered in 4-week sessions:

July 6-31

Summer classes are a great way to try a new style, get back into a style after a break, or focus hard on your technique. We encourage students of all levels to continue dancing through the summer, to keep their bodies moving and their creativity flowing!

Summer Stamp Cards!

For some classes, we will be offering a stamp card system that works for the whole summer, both sessions. Students will fill out a card when they attend their first class, and will get it stamped whenever they participate in a class. You'll only be charged for the classes you attend! This is a great option for students who will be traveling over the summer or attending a summer intensive elsewhere but want to fit in as many classes as possible! Summer Stamp Classes are $15 each, regardless of class duration, and the same card may be used for more than one style.


Barriskill Dance Theatre School

3642 Shannon Road, Durham, NC, 27707


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