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Londs Reuter


Londs Reuter is a dancer and choreographer who has recently relocated to Durham, North Carolina from Brooklyn, New York. In New York, Londs performed in works by Ursula Eagly, Abigail Levine, Will Rawls, and Katy Pyle/the Ballez. From 2018-2019, she performed Simone Forti's Dance Constructions at the Museum of Modern Art. Now in North Carolina, she has performed in works by Joanna Kotze, Studio C Projects (with Barriskill's own Kristin Clotfelter), and Bill T. Jones. Londs holds an MA in Disability Studies and is a co-editor of the Movement Research journal, Critical Correspondence. She is thrilled to join the Barriskill team!


Londs Reuter
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