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Boys at BDTS


Boys Ballet 

(Ages 8+) Taught by Devin Sweet, class will focus on strengthening, jumps, turns, and building community.


We encourage boys of every age to participate in dance classes. Many people will cite dance as a way to improve balance, flexibility and strength as a benefit to boys playing other sports. These benefits are real, but we don't discount dance as its own athletic and artistic pursuit.


Boys benefit, as all our students do, from our approach to dance training that encompasses the whole student. We work with them to learn patience, communication skills, cooperation, and creativity, as well as to refine their techniques and strengthen their bodies.


We often have classes specifically for boys, but encourage parents to talk with their sons about how being the only boy in a class isn't a bad thing! We also have male instructors (not to mention both our founders) who would be happy to discuss opportunities for boys to get more involved or pursue dance professionally.

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