All of our policies can be found in the Parent Student Handbook. We hold all of our parents and students responsible for the information within.


Communication is key to maintaining smooth and effective studio operations.  BDTS has several means of communication to keep all of our students and parents well-informed.


This website is a great resource for studio information.  Policies, schedules, and much more are posted here.  If you have a question, more likely than not you will find the answer on our website.


Email is our primary way of communicating with families.  Please make sure that the studio has your most up-to-date email address, and make sure that you read the communications that we send out.  We will do our best to limit our email communications to important information, and it is imperative that you read all email that you receive from the studio.  These emails will contain important information about fees and deadlines and upcoming events.  If you are not receiving regular emails from us, please let us know immediately so we can figure out what is going on.

For all classes
  • Parents of students who are consistently out of dress code will be contacted and asked to comply with the requirements below. Dress code is mandatory without a medical exception.

  • Hair should be pulled back out of the face, preferably in a neat bun.

  • Dance shoes should never be worn outside

  • No jewelry should be worn in class other than small stud earrings.

  • Underwear should not be worn under a leotard and tights.

  • Jazz shoes should be pull-on (no laces)

  • For Tap, Jazz & Musical Theatre, girls may wear dance shorts over their leotard.

For ballet classes
  • At all levels, hair must be pulled back in to a neat bun for class. If hair is too short, another

    style may be used to keep hair out of the face.

  • Underwear should not be worn under a leotard and tights.

  • Ballet shoes should made of canvas or leather

  • Primary Ballet and Studio Ballet 1, 2, 3, 4 as well as Conservatory Ballet  5, 6, 7, 8 require a particular brand, style and color of

    leotard. Students in Primary Ballet and Studio levels are expected to wear the specific leotard, and not try to match the color in another brand. (Please see Dress Code button above). Conservatory Levels must own the required leotard for performances and photography but may wear any black leotard in classes. 

  • In Pre-School and Primary level ballet students may wear skirts over their leotard.

  • Studios in studio and conservatory level ballet should not wear skirts or shorts over their leotard.

    (See button above for specific class-by-class dress code) 

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