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Acting for the Camera

Whether you've considered getting an agent or you're already an established TV and Film actor, it is important to hone your craft constantly.  An actor never stops learning.  Barriskill offers classes: for those just starting out in the industry, individuals looking to land their next big audition, or for those who would like to work on their character development on an existing production. Please see below for individual class descriptions.

Intro to Acting for TV/Film Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm

Have you ever considered working in the TV/Film industry? Getting an agent? Then this is the class for you. Students will learn the difference between theatre and acting for the camera.  Primary focus is on method acting and learning the basics of Meisner and Stanislavski technique.  Students will work on: commercials, scene study, monologues, hosting, newscasting...all on camera.  Students are filmed every class so they may see their work.  This course also covers the business side of acting:  how to get an agent, resumes, headshots, unions and more.

$80/Month OR $20 Drop In Rate

Ages 12+

Advanced Acting for TV/Film Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm

This is for the more serious, established actor.  Students in this class should have representation or have previously taken Acting for TV/Film. Method acting with a focus on Meisner and Stanislavski techniques will be explored. Students are filmed every class and will learn how to critique themselves in a positive way in order to improve their technique for auditions and performances.  Students will continue to work on monologues and will get in-depth feedback on their scenes performed in class. 

$80/Month OR $20 Drop In Rate

Ages 13+

Master's Level Workshops

These are one-time workshops offered periodically on a variety of different subjects.  (For example: in-depth monologue work, working with green screens, TelePrompTers, hitting the mark, etc...) Workshops are usually offered on the weekends and last for only 2-3 hours.  Check back to see a list of upcoming workshops.

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