Musical Theatre at BDTS

BDTS is proud to offer a musical theatre program that provides dedicated vocal, dance and acting training, as well as performance opportunities for every student. 


Students new to BDTS with previous experience may be placed by age, or arrange an audition to be placed in the appropriate level.


STUDIO DIVISION (ages 6 yo and up)


Primary Musical Theatre is for 6 & 7 year olds, no previous experience required. 


Musical Theatre 1 is for beginning 7-10 year olds with no previous experience. Students will have 30 minutes of vocal class, followed by a one hour technique or rehearsal class. 


Musical Theatre 2 and 3 students are expected to have completed at least 1 recent year of MTR (not including Broadway Babies) and be placed by an instructor. Students will have 30 minutes of vocal class, 30 minutes of acting, and one hour dance technique class. 



Conservatory MTR Students should anticipate needing jazz, tap and character shoes. Students in the Conservatory level must be taking a ballet, tap or jazz class simultaneously.

Musical Theatre 4, 5, & 6 - These levels require students 10 years and older to audition for placement. Auditions typically take place in the first class during the Fall Semester. Students will have one hour each of dedicated vocal, dance, and acting classes. Students explore different eras and styles in musical theatre history through units culminating in showings for family and friends.


Teen Musical Theatre - Teen classes are for students 10 and up who may not have any previous experience. This is a good place for students with some singing background to build dance and acting skills. Some teens will transition from this class into a conservatory level after gaining some experience. Students will have 30 minutes of vocal training followed by a one hour technique or rehearsal class.

Barriskill Dance Theatre School

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