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There is a yearly registration fee of $35.  All students need to have created an account and completed the waivers through Dance Studio-Pro. You can create an account here.  Registration fees are non-refundable, and a mid-year withdrawal from school will incur a new registration fee upon re-enrollment.  Adult students also pay a registration fee.


Refunds, Changes, and Withdrawals

Enrollment in a dance class at BDTS should be considered a commitment for the entire (or the remainder of the) academic dance school year.  If your family decides to withdraw from a class, the director must be notified in writing ( at least one week prior to the start of the next billing cycle (the 1st of the next month).


Tuition is paid in advance of class participation, and once tuition is paid, it is non-refundable.  The only exception is in the case of serious disability or injury; in this case, a refund may be granted pending approval of the executive director and a letter from the student’s physician.

**Financial Assistance is available for those in need. Please contact us at for more information. 

Youth Tuition
2024-25 Youth Tuition
Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition is based on a dance school academic year, which consists of 36 weeks divided into 9 monthly payment periods.  Some months will have more classes than others, but it will average out over the course of the year.  Tuition is based on the number of class hours per week, and the cost per hour is lower as class hours increase.  The current tuition schedule is always available on our website. Families with multiple students enrolled will receive a 5% discount off students after the first, which applies to students with the lowest tuition.


All customers are required to keep a credit card on file. Tuition and all other charges are paid by the automatic billing of your credit or bank card that is on securely on file in our management system.  Tuition is billed on the 1st of each month. Arrangements can be made for those who need to have the payment day delayed.  There is no monthly payment by  cash or check.  

Late monthly payments (after 10 days) will receive a $10 late charge.

Missed Classes

We encourage students to make up missed classes by attending any other class at the appropriate age and skill level.  Your teacher can provide guidance in selecting a good make-up class.  NO CREDIT IS OFFERED TOWARD TUITION FOR CLASSES MISSED.  Missed classes may not be used in lieu of tuition for the next payment period, and full tuition is owed on each payment regardless of classes missed in a previous month.

Production Fees

On February 15th, each student will be charged a $100 recital production fee for each dance class they are enrolled in. This production fee will be applied towards the spring recitals (the weekend after Memorial Day Weekend) and covers everything from renting the theater space and backdrops, costumes and props, paying staff, etc.  


If your child will not be participating in the Spring Concert, you must inform us in writing by December 1 to avoid being charged the production fee. Once production fees are charged they are non-refundable.


Additional Fees

Tuition does not include the registration fee, dance wear, shoes, costumes, recital tickets, private lessons, or special events. More details about costume costs are in the "Spring Showcase" section of the handbook.

Private Lessons

Private lesson are not required. We encourage all students to take advantage of their class time and learn to work efficiently and intelligently. Although, if a dancer feels like they need some extra help or one on one attention they may take a private lesson with a Barriskill instructor. Private lessons are $60/hour, paid through Barriskill account.

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