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"We've Got Rhythm" Recitals

All preschool & primary dance class recitals take place on Saturday, May 18 in Barriskill Dance Theatre School's Studio Theater

Recital Schedule:

9:30am SHOW **CALL ALL Dancers at 9am**

  1. Fri Music & Movement w/ Caroline 

  2. Wed 9:30 Pre-Ballet 3/4 w/ Heather

  3. Mon 1:30 pre-ballet 3/4 w/ Caroline 

**Audience Switch Over**

  1. Mon Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap w/ Traci 

  2. Thurs Creative Movement w/Traci 

  3. Sat Primary Ballet w/ Londs 


10:30am SHOW  **Call ALL Dancers at 10am**

  1. Sat Broadway babies w Caroline 

  2. Wed Primary MTR w Caroline 

**Audience Switch Over**

  1. Mon Broadway babies w Olivia  

  2. Mon Primary MTR w Traci 


11:30am SHOW **Call ALL Dancers at 11am**

  1. Wed Hippity Hop w/ Caroline 

  2. Tues Pre-ballet 3 w/Traci 

**Audience Switch over**

  1. Thurs Modern Movers w/ Olivia 

  2. Sat Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap w/ Caroline 

  3. Wed Pre-Ballet 4 w/ Traci 


1:00pm SHOW **Call ALL Dancers at 12:30**

  1. Sat Pre-Ballet 3 w/ Caroline

  2. Thurs Hippity Hop w/ Traci 

**Audience Switch Over**

  1. Monday Pre-Ballet 5 w/ Katie 

  2.  Thurs Pre-Tap/Pre-Jazz w/ Traci 

  3. Wed Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap w/ Traci 


2:00pm SHOW **Call ALL Dancers at 1:30**

  1. Wed Pre-Ballet 3 w/ Kate 

  2. Tues Pre-Ballet 4 w/Traci 

**Audience Switch Over**

  1. Tues Pre-ballet/Pre-tap w/ JoAnna 

  2. Sat Hippity Hop w/ Raegan 


3:00pm SHOW **Call ALL Dancers at 2:30**

  1. Wed Pre-Ballet 5 w/Kate 

  2. Wed Pre-Ballet/Pre-Jazz w/ Kate  

**Audience Switch Over**

  1. Tues Primary Ballet w/Katie 

  2. Sat Pre-Ballet 5 w/ Kate 

  3. Tues Pre-Tap/Pre-Jazz w/ Katie 


4:00pm SHOW **Call ALL Dancers at 3:30**

  1. Sat Creative Movement w/ Mauri 

  2. Sat Pre-Ballet 4 w/ Kate 

  3. Sat Modern Movers w/ Mauri 

**Audience Switch Over**

  1. Monday Primary Ballet w/ Katie  

  2. Sat Pre-Ballet/Pre-Jazz w/ Kate 

  3. Thurs Primary MTR w Katie 

Reserve Recital Tickets:

When you arrive, you will enter the building through studio 7. Teachers and student volunteers will be there to greet your dancers and usher them to their warm-up space. Each show will have two Acts. While Act 1 dancers and their families are in the Studio Theater, Act 2 dancers will prepare with their teachers and Act 2 families can relax in studio 7. During a brief intermission, Act 1 performers and their families are invited into studio 6 for a small reception. At this time, Act 2 performers will prepare to dance and their families will be invited into the Theater from studio 7 / the lobby. At the conclusion of Act 2, dancers and their families will reunite in studio 6 to join the reception; a time for celebration and pictures. 

This detail is important for us to share with you as it will allow families to purchase additional tickets should they need them. Each dancer will still receive 2 complimentary tickets and we ask that you please share your ideal number of additional tickets you'd like to purchase ($10 each) at the link below. Please note you will need to search your dancer’s name exactly as it appears in Dance Studio-Pro to locate your RSVP.

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