Adaptive Dance: Ages 8-12

Developing dancers of all abilities, one dance class at a time!


This 45 minute weekly class is designed for dancers ages 8-12 with varying levels of physical and/or cognitive abilities. A set structure provides predictability in classes, which will cultivate gross and fine motor skills, simpledance movements, and creativity. Dancers build confidence while developing friendships, social skills, and academic skills. 


Dancers should wear clothes which are comfortable for a range of movement. This can be traditional danceattire (leotard and tights, black pants and white t-shirt) or something else allowing for stretching and moving.

Dancers are invited and encouraged to participate in a year-end performance of a choreographed piece. This performance will take place in the spring at the studio in order to accommodate the needs of all dancers.


Dancers may attend class with a caregiver or independently and must be independent in toileting.