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Barriskill Studio Recitals 

Saturday, May 20th

All shows will be in our studio theater at Barriskill. Students will check in and out through Studio 6. 

Saturday 5/20 9:30am  

Pre-Ballet 3 Tues. Traci 

Pre-Ballet 3 Thurs. Traci

Pre-Ballet 5 Thurs. Heather 

Pre-Ballet ¾ Wed. Heather 

Primary Ballet Mon. Heather 


Saturday 5/20 10:30am

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap Sat. Caroline 

Music and Movement Fri. Caroline 

Broadway Babies Tues. JoAnna 

Broadway Babies Sat. Caroline


Saturday 5/20 11:30am 

Pre-Ballet 4 Mon. Caroline 

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap Thurs. Caroline 

Primary Ballet Sat. Traci 

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Jazz Tues. JoAnna


Saturday 5/20 1:00pm

Pre-Ballet 3 Sat. Caroline 

Primary Ballet Wed. Traci 

Primary Tap Tues. Traci

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap Wed. JoAnna 

Pre-Ballet 4 Mon. Traci


Saturday 5/20 2:00pm

Primary Ballet Thurs. Marie 

Modern Movers Sat. Mauri 

Creative Movement Sat. Mauri 

Pre-Ballet 4 Mon. Traci 3:45 

Creative Movement Thurs. Traci

Saturday 5/20 3:00pm

Pre-Ballet 5 Sat. Kate 

Pre-Ballet/Pre-Tap Tues. Traci 

Hippity Hop Thurs. Ephra 

Saturday 5/20 4:00pm

Pre-Ballet/Pre Jazz Sat. Kate 

Pre-Ballet 4 Sat. Kate 

Hippity Hop Mon. Ephra 

Pre-Ballet 5 Wed. Ephra

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